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Welcome to Alexander Johnson  new blog, Alexander is an international businessman with world-class credentials in technology and corporate finance. 
If you want to change something, you have to do it yourself and be on the right side of the equation. I find that exciting and it is why I launched Lochwood Capital and Lochwood Ventures. Because we fund our own ideas and provide our in-house team with the resources it needs to successfully operate and bring businesses to life, we are able to stay in control of our ventures. In my experience as a VC, the further you step away from control, the more risk you take. Our model keeps projects close to us.
I believe in thorough examination when trying to understand markets and the economy, and I want to see change in the way small businesses are supported to allow independent operators to prosper. The greatest reward of what we do is witnessing ideas brought to life and seeing solutions being provided to consumers.
Find out more about Alexander Johnson and his work here, Visit Alexander Johnson corporation website here and Read more about Alexander Johnson  lochwood ventures here. 

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